Name Bauble
Gender Female
Team N/A
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Fez (best friend), Notepad (sort of)
Enemies Unknown
Rank TBA
Color Green with red and yellow stripes
Introduced in Adult Supervision
Latest appearance New Marketing Strategies
Voiced by AwesomecatmanYT
Bauble is a female contestant on Object Redundancy. She was initially created for Another Object Show and was extremely similar to Salt and Pepper from Inanimate Insanity, and YearsAnimations did not like her at the time.

Personality Edit

Bauble is a very cheery and friendly character, and gets along very well with others. However, she can be unaware of things, such as Notepad's inability to speak clearly, and unintentionally mocks him, meaning that she can be annoying without meaning to.

Coverage Edit

Adult Supervision Edit

She, along with Fez, were the third and fourth contestants to be introduced on the show, and she happily greets Vibrator while holding Fez lovingly, and they walk away without giving Vibrator problems. She is then seen when Notepad tries to talk to her, but he does not speak clearly enough and she keeps pressuring him, which annoys Fez. Bauble is then pulled away be him after Notepad accidentally swears.