Blindfold is a male contestant on Object Redundancy. He made his debut in "[1]".


Personality Edit

Blindfold is an elderly object. He is somewhat senile, and often complains. He is blind, and as a result, He carries around a walking stick.

Coverage Edit

In "Adult Supervision", Blindfold is introduced after Shrek. Vibrator admits that he forgot that He was blind, to which Blindfold calls him forgetful, since he also forgot that Shrek was a contestant. Vibrator tells him to go stand with the others, to which Blindfold responds that He cannot see.

Gallery Edit

Blindfold's stick

Trivia Edit

  • He apparently has very good hearing.
  • He is the second known object show contestant to have a seeing disability, the first being Tranquilizer Gun from Article Insanity.
  • Blindfold can literally HEAR money
  • Blindfold was blinded by The Redman as seen in The Redman (episode)
  • Blindfold looks like sunglasses