Object Redundancy is an online web series on YouTube by the mind of YearsAnimations, it currently has 3 episodes. That make 4 episodes in OR. In episode 3 is called Doom Ship.

What is "Object Redundancy"?Edit

It is an "object show", basically, a show about anthropomorphic objects competing for something. Many object shows exist like the original show "Battle for Dream Island" and the second most popular "Inanimate Insanity". However, this is the first object show with adult themes and swearing.

Character GalleryEdit

There are many characters in the show. Ranging from contestants, staff members, cameo appearances, side characters, background characters and not yet revealed characters.

New CharactersEdit


Episode 1: "Adult Supervision"

Episode 0: "The Redman"

Episode 2: "New Marketing Strategies"

Episode 3: "Doom Ship"


  • So far, Firework cusses the most.
  • Shrek is the most disliked character currently.
  • This show was originally called "Another Object Show"
  • This is the fourth fact. also a fact about you is that your reading this.
  • The creator of this show originally intended to create a five nights at freddy game based on the show.
  • The game was called Five Nights At Platter's and would start platter.