Poop (N)
Name Poop
Gender Female
Team TBA
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies TBA
Enemies Vibrator, Chicken Leg, Zune
Occupation TBA
Rank TBA
Color Brown
Introduced in Adult Supervision
Latest appearance New Marketing Strategies
Voiced by YearsAnimations
Poop is a female contestant on Object Redundancy. She made her debut in "Adult Supervision".


Poop is a stereotypical Westboro Baptist Church member. This means that she is very forceful with her Christian beliefs and she has an extreme hatred for homosexuals.


In "Adult Supervision", Poop was the first contestant introduced on the show. She was very nice to Vibrator and was excited to be on the show until she said "I'd just like to thanks Jesus for letting me be here and shunning those f**king fags!". This got Vibrator to ask here to go where the contestants where supposed to meet awkwardly.

She was later seen complaining about Zune's pickles and how they remind her of a human penis. Chicken Leg told her that objects don't have gentials which got Poop to yell at her and say she was taking the lord's name in vain. She can be seen in the background when Vibrator was explainging that the contestants should interact with one another and when Notepad and Firework were about to fight.



  • She is the only legless character.
  • So far, she is the only characters with a confirmed religion.
  • Poop was originally going to be very upbeat and happy, but her personality was changed.
  • Design-wise, Poop is based off of Mr. Hankey from South Park.